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Umpires Pitch Marking Table 2018

Grading Criteria  Uneveness of Bounce    Seam Movement       Carry and/or Bounce   Turn                      ===>  Mark

Very Good            None                                 None                            Good                               None                               5

Good                    Little                                  Little                             Just Lacking                  Little                                4

Above Average   Occasional                       Occasional                   Lacking                          Occasional                     3

Below Average   More Than Occasional   More Than Occasional Minimal                      More Than Occasional   2

Poor                     Excessive                         Excessive                      Very Minimal                Excessive                          1

Unfit          A pitch is only rated unfit if it is dangerous                                                                                                      0

Marks In the event of a ‘spinner’ not bowling in the match it is not possible to accurately score ‘Category Turn’. Therefore, at the discretion of the umpire a mark of either 3 or 4 should be awarded to enable the calculation of the Total Pitch Score. This discretion can be applied on the basis of all other pitch characteristics an umpire has seen on the day.

Abandoned or suspended matches

If the match does not take place it shall NOT form part of the Total Pitch Score for the season.

A minimum of 50% of the initially scheduled overs at the start of a days play must be bowled to be used in

Total Pitch Score for the seasonVery Good 17-20  Good 14-16  Above Average 10-13 Below Average 7-9 Poor 1-6 Unfit 0