Installation of Non Turf Pitch Facilities

When considering such a project it is essential to gather all relevant background & technical information that is available. This is available on and from your County Pitch Advisors who hold the technical booklets . The Pitch Advisors are available to help you with your initial thoughts.


At present the ECB funding is limited to 75% of the cost of construction. It must be borne in mind that these facilities require regular maintenance with the carpet having a life expectancy of 10 years or so. A new carpet at today’s prices is about £2500 per net    so contingency funding needs to be considered to sustain the facility.


It would be advisable to talk to other clubs in your area who have had such a facility installed & assess their experience of the procedure and their opinions of the quality of the installation as there are some variations although this is being addressed by the introduction of the ECB kite mark scheme which all the approved installers will have to attain in the near future.


It is also most important to have a club member overseeing the installation on site to ensure the specification is being adhered to. Full plans & spec should be supplied by the installer but much of this is covered in the ECB guidelines.

A site survey should be undertaken by the installer prior to any quotes being issued as unseen costs added through the job could create financial problems for the club concerned.


DO NOT assume the installer will do a perfect job; it is YOUR facility & YOUR money so make sure you are happy with the finished product. DO NOT accept a sub standard job just for a quiet life!!


As you can imagine this is not a simple job!!  These brief notes are intended to give the reader some pointers and places to get information. Do not be afraid to ask!!


Nick James
ECB Pitch Advisor