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Understanding Wetting Agents

Skilful management of water is a fundamental aspect of producing high quality and consistent turf surfaces. Water is a master variable which directly impacts the function of grass plants and soil organisms. It is also a master solvent responsible for a whole host of essential chemical reactions underpinning the soil ecosystem. Wetting agents are types…

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CAG Mission statement and 5 year plan to be given to the CCB

CHESHIRE ASSOCIATION of GROUNDSMEN Mission statement: The Cheshire Association of Groundsmen aims to reach out, giving knowledgeable, helpful support to all the 131 cricket clubs playing within the county by providing training and easy access to the county’s Pitch Advisors. The Association will represent the views of groundsmen at the county’s administrative committees and aim to create an environment…

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ECB “Return to Cricket ” financial support document

RETURN TO CRICKET GRANT SCHEME GUIDANCE NOTES FOR CLUBS AND LEAGUES As the recreational game returns to play, assistance is available to cricket clubs and leagues. Changes to the scheme include the removal of the recommended turnover limit, and differentiation in grant level between clubs with junior sections and adult only clubs. Clubs and leagues…

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